State Park Trail Ride


Upon occasion we will have a special booking option for a State Park Trail Ride.  This would be to one of the closer Parks, example: Elk Rock State Park or Stephens Forest or Singing Mesa.  These trips would be for adults only.  Not for beginners.  We would leave the Stables at a set time and travel to the Park.  Riders will be responsible to bring their own drinks and snack/lunch.  We could ride 6-8 miles of Park trails.  We would take a break for drink and snack/lunch after our riding.  After break the horses would be untacked and loaded for the trip back to the stables.

Most parks have pit toilet, porta potty or regular bathroom.   RHS will bring hand washing water for use to sanitize hands.

  • Riders must be 18 or above. Adults only.
  • weight limit of 230.
  • No beginners. Riders must be able to walk, gait, short cantering. Please be honest with skill level so that you and others are safe.
  • Riders must be proficient in holding reins and guiding horse.
  • Bring bottled drink and sack lunch/snack.
  • Riders must have a current waiver of release signed prior to leaving Stables.
  • Riders must wear long pants and enclosed toe shoes.
  • Riders must be on time.  We will wait 5 minutes then your horse will be taken off and we will leave.  No refund.
  • Parks usually have a mounting aid but Riders must be able to get on and off horse.
  • RHS has the right to refuse service if we believe it is a risk of safety to you, others, equine or RHS staff.
  • Riders are to wear equine helmets. RHS will provide if rider needs one.

         Click Here   Waiver of Release.  Please print and bring filled out to your trail riding appointment.  All waivers must be signed by adults.

Cancelation Policy.

Riders must cancel their appointment by text or call to 515-669-5506  24 hours prior to appointment.  Failure to notify 24 hours to appointment, no refund will be issued.  Cancelation with more then 24 hours notice refund will be issued.

Cancelation by RHS

RHS may need to cancel a ride due to Parks closing trails for rain or muddy conditions.  Also for RHS illness or emergencies.  If that be the case RHS needs to cancel a ride a rescheduled booking will be offered or refund. 



Under Iowa law, a domesticated animal professional is not liable for damages suffered by, an injury to, or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of domesticated animal activities, pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 673. You are assuming inherent risks of participating in this domesticated animal activity.

2. If a written contract is executed between a domesticated animal professional and a participant involving domesticated animal activities, the contract shall contain the same notice in clearly readable print. In addition, the contract shall include the following disclaimer:

A number of inherent risks are associated with a domesticated animal activity. A domesticated animal may behave in a manner that results in damages to property or an injury or death to a person. Risks associated with the activity may include injuries caused by bucking, biting, stumbling, rearing, trampling, scratching, pecking, falling, or butting.

The domesticated animal may react unpredictably to conditions, including, but not limited to, a sudden movement, loud noise, an unfamiliar environment, or the introduction of unfamiliar persons, animals, or objects.

The domesticated animal may also react in a dangerous manner when a condition or treatment is considered hazardous to the welfare of the animal; a collision occurs with an object or animal; or a participant fails to exercise reasonable care, take adequate precautions, or use adequate control when engaging in a domesticated animal activity, including failing to maintain reasonable control of the animal or failing to act in a manner consistent with the person's abilities.

You waive all liablilities of injury including death in the description of event for travel to and from State parks day ride events.