Trail Rides by appointment only on Gaited breed horses, 2024. 


Come and enjoy a relaxing and scenic horseback ride.  We have the horse all tacked up and ready to go for you.  You will be riding on a few different gaited breeds. Our walks will be at a moderate pace. You will go out with a trail guide as we ride through timber, up and down some hills, through or around fields and over obstables.  Riders must be 14 years of age or older.  $75.00/rider. We designed our trails to keep you engaged with your horse and have some challenges. Trail/horse riding experience required . RHS will be taking pictures and video during the rides.  We will post them to our social media platforms by end of day.  Facebook, Instagram and Ticktok.  You are welcome to save or share any post. All trail rides are by appointment only and booked through our user friendly app below.  For any questions please call, 515-669-5165 or 515-669-5506. Rolling Hills Stables parking is at 6320 55th Ave, Norwalk, IA, a grassy parking lot available. 

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Requirements for trail ride

  • Your reservation time also includes check in, riding intructions and estimated 50 minutes of trail time.  Your slot time will be 60-70 minutes.  Be on time.
  • The rider weight limit is 230ish pounds.This requirement is for the safety of all riders and equine.
  • All riders must be able to get on the horse by steps with no assistance and be able to get down on their own. RHS can not lift riders on or off the horses.
  • All riders must wear full length pants.
  • All riders must wear an equine helmet.  Helmets are provided by RHS.
  • All riders must wear enclosed toe shoes.
  • Please arrive on time for appointment.  If late it will be taken out of your riding time.
  • 10 minutes late you will forfeit your slot time with NO refund and NO rebooking option.
  • Any individual around the horses must sign a current Waiver of Release.
  • Minimum age requirement is 14 years old.
  • RHS has the right to refuse service if we believe there is a risk of safety for yourself, other riders, equines or staff.

Novice and beginner riders

This trail ride is designed for riders with experience.  The trails can be narrow with sharp turns at a fast pace.  We use gaited horse breeds, please google them.  They walk much faster then other horses. Please be sure you would be comfortable as you must guide/steer your own horse through the trails and obstacles. 

When you arrive

RHS will verify your booking. Ensure payment in full has been made for your trail slot. Verify all riders have the Waiver of Release signed.  If you do not have this form signed and brought with you please come a few minutes earlier to fill out the Waiver of Release.  Riders will be matched up with a riding helmet and a horse that fits their abilities.

Your health is our top priority, and we have put special measures in place to keep all guests safe both during and after your activity.

  • * Cleaning* - RHS has added a hand washing station and has hand sanitzer available to all of our guests.
  • Social Distancing - We ask guests to stay at a safe distance during all points of the tour.  We ask that our customers stay at their vehicle and text 515-669-5506 "arrived" and wait for response to come into the facility. 
  • Wellness check  If you or anyone in your group is experiencing symptoms, we will work directly with you to cancel or reschedule your tour. We ask that if you have been exposed to the virus, have coughing or fever you contact us and cancel your appointment.

                                       Click Here   Waiver of Release   Please print and bring to your trail appointment filled out. Must be signed by an adult.                               


On the trail ride

While on the trail you are in charge of guiding (steering), controlling your own horse.  All riders must stay in a line and not pass the RHS trail leader. Be respectful of the horse in front of you and not ride up on the tail of that horse.  We suggest a horse length between riders.  We require all phones be placed on vibrate or silent during the ride.  Please, do not take calls on your trail ride.   RHS is not responsible for any phones dropped or broken on the trail rides.  RHS will not stop the trail ride to pick up dropped phones. No alcoholic drinks are allowed on the trail. RHS will be taking pictures and video during rides to post to our social media platforms by end of day.


Cancellation policy by rider

RHS will allow a rider to cancel an appointment or rebook 24 hours prior to trail appointment.  If less then 24 hours, no refund or no rebooking your appointment is allowed. Any calcellation of appointment needs to be texted/phoned to RHS.


Cancellation policy by RHS

RHS may have need to cancel rides for safety of riders, equines or staff.  If RHS cancels your trail appointment we will offer a full refund or option to rebook apointment. Inclement weather may also play a factor into cancellations.  Lightning storms, too muddy or heat index.  RHS will send out cancellation notice by text, email or call.












Under Iowa law, a domesticated animal professional is not liable for damages suffered by, an injury to, or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of domesticated animal activities, pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 673. You are assuming inherent risks of participating in this domesticated animal activity.

2. If a written contract is executed between a domesticated animal professional and a participant involving domesticated animal activities, the contract shall contain the same notice in clearly readable print. In addition, the contract shall include the following disclaimer:

A number of inherent risks are associated with a domesticated animal activity. A domesticated animal may behave in a manner that results in damages to property or an injury or death to a person. Risks associated with the activity may include injuries caused by bucking, biting, stumbling, rearing, trampling, scratching, pecking, falling, or butting.

The domesticated animal may react unpredictably to conditions, including, but not limited to, a sudden movement, loud noise, an unfamiliar environment, or the introduction of unfamiliar persons, animals, or objects.

The domesticated animal may also react in a dangerous manner when a condition or treatment is considered hazardous to the welfare of the animal; a collision occurs with an object or animal; or a participant fails to exercise reasonable care, take adequate precautions, or use adequate control when engaging in a domesticated animal activity, including failing to maintain reasonable control of the animal or failing to act in a manner consistent with the person's abilities.







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