These piglets are being sold as pets only.  If you are looking for a breeder please contact me as the pricing will be different.  All pets must be spayed or nuetured prior to being rehomed.

We can SHIP!  Cost of shipping does vary.  Your price will include the flight, carrier, health certificate and transportation fee.  Plan on an average of $400.00 added to the price of the piglet for shipping. 

All sales are final.  Please check your city ordinances prior to adopting a piggie.  I will take a piggie back with no refund or post the piggie to help you rehome. We reserve the right to whom we sell to.

Piggies do make great companions.  They can be registered as an Emotional Support Animal.  Being registered as such gives them certain advantages where animals may not be allowed.  Please research

We can not guarantee size of your piggy.  Once they leave us we have no control on their diets.  I want to impress that diets are critical.  DO NOT starve your piggy but feed responsibly.  Pigs have a different genetic make up from dogs and cats.  The more you feed, the higher fat of food you feed, they GROW!  If you take an adult pig and start feeding dog food or scraps that adult can put on 30 pounds in about a week!  We hear people say that we want you to starve them but that is not the case.  We have worked with a Vet and our feeding regiment is good.  Pigs will eat all day and to the point of obesity and death.  A regular pig weighs 800-1200 pounds.  These pigs are not normal pigs.  They will be in the area of 12-16inches tall.






We accept credit cards thru Square. We can also send invoice thru PayPal.





We currently are down to 2 spotted piglets. $495 each.  You can reach us by phone or email.